A New Identity & Website for The Controller Project

Caleb Kraft is the creator of TheControllerProject.com, a volunteer initiative that has been designing, 3D-printing, and shipping accessible game controllers to people all over the world for over a decade. In 2022 I reached out to Caleb to volunteer to redesign the website and brand identity for the initiative free of charge.


During the development of the website, I discovered the existing logo felt out of place and didn’t scale well to smaller screen sizes due to its level of detail.

Originally The Controller Project had a cute smiley-face logo before it was changed in favour of a stylised controller.

My goals for redesigning the logo were to:

  • Capture the joy of gaming
  • Convey action
  • Scale well to small screen sizes and social media icons
  • Remain familiar with existing users

The outcome was a stylised 3D D-pad in the process of being pressed – as conveyed by the 3 action lines – designed to convey upwards momentum.


The website redesign took around 3 months to reach its final state. After that, I transferred it to the official domain where Caleb has continued to add content and make improvements to the site.

The goals for the website redesign were to:

  • Be easy to navigate and use – with an emphasis on being understandable for people not familiar with 3D-printing
  • Present a strong brand identity to bring more credibility to the volunteer initiative
  • Allow for various controller mods to be more discoverable via mod pages, categories, and search functions
  • Allow for Caleb to easily edit and add more content as needed

The previous versions of the websites can be seen in the collage below. To view the current website, visit TheControllerProject.com.

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