About Bryce Cronin

TL;DR: Bryce Cronin is an international award winning engineer and designer who has been recognised as an emerging leader in the Australian technology sector. He’s passionate about harnessing technology in innovative ways for social good and for the promotion of STEM education. Bryce has designed robots, organised numerous STEM outreach events, and is the founder of Hackathons.com.au.

Bryce Cronin is an accredited software and network engineer and the founder of Hackathons.com.au. His community-driven approach and love of STEM has resulted in him being recognised as an emerging leader in the Australian technology sector.

Bryce believes strongly in harnessing technology in innovative ways for social good. By applying his knowledge of software development, graphic design, and digital marketing; Bryce has been acknowledged both nationally and internationally in several high-profile humanitarian-themed challenges:

Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation App Challenge - International Winner (2021)

Awarded for creating an app to make the Covid-19 QR check-in process fast and easy.

Australian Computer Society Hackathon - National Winner (2020)

Awarded for designing a low-cost and inclusive 3D-printable faceshield for developing nations.

GovHack - International Runner Up, National Winner (2018 - 2020)

Awarded for developing mobile apps to increase environmental awareness.

He is also a fierce advocate for STEM education. In 2017, he established the University of Canberra Engineering Society to teach topics that go beyond the standard curriculum and to give back to the local community by organising STEM education outreach activities. He continues to push for greater participation in STEM, in 2020 he begun designing 3D-printable robots to be used as educational platforms, and in 2021 he founded Hackathons.com.au – a website dedicated to promoting STEM events and education. Bryce has been presented with the following awards for these endeavours:

Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards - Highly Commendable (2021)

Highly commended for the 2021 Young Individual Community Service Award.

University of Canberra - Herbert Burton Medal (2021)

Awarded annually to one student who achieved outstanding academic results and made valuable contributions to the wider community.

University of Canberra - President of the Year (2019)

Awarded for his efforts in co-founding the UC Engineering Society and running STEM outreach events for high school students.