A New Identity & Website for The Controller Project

Caleb Kraft is the creator of, a volunteer initiative that has been designing, 3D-printing, and shipping accessible game controllers to people all over the world for over a decade.…

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A Quick Guide to GovHack

GovHack is the largest hackathon in the Southern Hemisphere, with participants coming together from across the globe to solve problems using open data. The concept is easy, choose a challenge…

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My favourite free/open-source applications for digital designers

This is a collection of applications that I have no problem recommending based on my experience using them. Some applications, like and OpenSCAD, I no longer use regularly due…

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My favourite free online resources for agile design

Below are some of my favourite free online design resources that I've discovered over my career that I use regularly, especially for agile design. I've put them here hoping that…

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